Monday, January 23, 2017

PinkBlush Pluz size Haul

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog i wanted to share with you my PINKBLUSH clothes i got . I did win a $75.00 gift card from JUSTINE MARIE  To use at  PinkBlush . I absolutely love this online store it has Plus size , maternity clothes to choose from . Online store sales Shoes , accessories they have a lot to choose from , They do have a clearance spot where they have very affordable clothes ,  Now i will be posting Photos of my outfits that i got i will have the name link down below.

Outfit #1  

I'm wearing a Black solid Basic Top this shirt goes with anything Pant;s Leggings . I did get this shirt from the Clearance spot online Size is a 3 X  it was $ 10.00 Such a great price . 

Outfit # 2 

I absolutely Love this NAVY BLUE SHEER LOW CUT TOP  it's such a cute dress up shirt you can wear it with Pants or leggings . My shirt is a size 3 X It's a little small so i will have to lose weight to wear it . I spent $25.00 dollars on this shirt i got it from the Clerance spot NAVY BLUE SHEER LOW CUT TOP . 

Outfit # 3 

Outfit Number 3 is super Comfortable and it's a long sleeve it fit's me good You can match this shirt with leggings . I did get this Charcoal button collar Tunic at the Clearance Section Online the size is a 3 x  it fits good and it keeps me warm It was $22.00 dollars ,

Dark pink Border Fringed Scarf 

When i saw this Scarf i feel in love with it the color was so adorable and i had to buy it . I coudn't Belive  it was on the Clearance Section online . I paid only $12.00 for it and i love love The Scarf It goes with All my outfits and i couldn't be anymore happier . 

Ivory Fuzzy Keychain 

I love this black keychain it is super cute i did order a white one but it was out of stock so i got to oder a black one The price of the keychain was only $5.00 dollars. 

Christian Sirjano

I bough this pair of flats from Payless shoe store the amazing thing is that they were on sale for $ 9.99 i was so happy to find a pair of flats that fit me . My feet are weried i have wide feet so it's kinda Hard to find Shoes that will fit . 

I want to show you My favorite outfit thast i wear alot i love , love this outift . 

 This outfit is My go to outift to wear every day i love the flats and scarf , dress shirt i wear this outfit alot . The shirt is little small but i still wear it Hopefully i don't pop the seems LOL Flats are very Comfortable and jeans are plus size and are boot cut . 

Thank you so much for readying my blog i love you all <3 

Sunday, January 22, 2017


   Hello everyone i wanted to share with you how much i love photography and that i will be turning it into my career . 


My name is carissa Holmes i enjoy doing  photography for fun i have a passion to turning photos into art . I do not go to collage so i am practicing learning on my own i am a self - taugh photographer who one day hopes to make her dreams come true . I hope  one day to open my own shop and take people's Family photos and to do all of it on my own . My camera is a canon powershot sx40hs it isn't a DSLR but it takes really good photos . I bough it used off of Canon website for $100 witch wasn't to bad for the price , It wasn't used at all . I will post some photos i have done with my camera below thank you so much for readying my Photography blog . 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Update

Hello Everyone i know i have been away and not posting for awhile . I wanted to come give a update and How my Carpal Tunnel Surgery went . Grab some coffie cookies and enjoy my Blog post thank you for readying it .

On December 5 I had Carpal Tunnel Surgery on my right hand . My doctor i had was so nice and the nurses where nice as well , I felt safe and that i was in good hands . Upon arrival The nurse Checked me in i had to Pee in a cup . LOL sorry i know TMI I got all dressed with the Hospital Robe . I had a Ivy put in my left hand . Dr. John came in my spot and talked to me and drew a line on my palm of my hand with a blue maker to were he was going to do the Surgery . After that i had to wait 1 Hour 30 Min . Once it was my turn i had meet on of my  Nurse she was the sweetiest lady's i meet . We talked about my health and that i should take better care of my body . Now after that talk i was getting really anxious and nurvous becaues i was getting wheeled into the operating Room . Not to forget the other Nurse almost wheeled me into the bathroom door LOL I had the chance to be awake or a sleep so i chose to be put under . The surgry took 30 Min to do i knocked out and it felt like a couple seconds later i wook up .

After surgry the doctor told me do not get My arm wet and having to do daily activity with my left hand was much harder then i thought . On December 12 i went back and had got my Big wrap Banda aid off . I was told to keep a Band aid on here and there for the next week i was still not to get my hand wet . Following week December 29 was time to take the Stiches out i couldn't belive by the 3 RD week i had them takin out . Honestly By the 3 RD week it was much easier to grab stuff and to take a shaoor on my own . As of today my pain i have been having is Completely GONE . I'm glad i had done the Carpal Tunnel Surgery . I'm excited to do my left hand in march i couldn't be anymore Happier to Finally use both of my hands .

Now I am Definitely back to my normal Daily self i will be posting more Blogs , Youtube vidoes , Family Vlogs . I am sick and can't hardley talk but I'm not going to let that stop me from uploading .
Happy Holiday.

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The christmas photo isn't mine it is from google
Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Favorite makeup Products

Hello everyone welcome bak to my blog site thank you so much for readying my blog post . I want to share my favorite makeup products with you that i have been useing Non stop .

 Shimmer 350s palette - I purchased my Palette online at Morphe  ( CLICK THE LINK ) For $ 22.99 Honestly I love my shimmer palette . The colors are VERY , VERY Pigmented and the quality is AMAZING! Morphe's  Customer service is very nice and they get back to you quickly and professional . I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMENDTO MY FRIENDS to purchase from this amazing company . The best part about there eyeshadows they sale individual shadows Individual eyeshadows ( click the link ) they are at a reasonable price .

Elf Contour palette - I bought my elf contour palette from wal mart Elf ( click the link ) I purchased my elf contour palette for $ 5. 99 in the makeup section . This palette is amazing the powered contour is very pigmented . The Highlight is to die for it is so shinny YOU DEFINITELY BE HIGHLIGHTING TO THE GODS . LOL I definitely recommend this elf Contour palette to my FRIENDS , FAMILY .

Elf Liquid foundation - I bough my foundation at wal-mart ELF for  $ 5.49 in the makeup section i love how they made a pump on it to make appyling my foundattion sooooo much easier . I will recommend the Elf liquid foundation to My family friends . 

Elf Mascara - I bought My mascara from wal - mart Mascara $2 .99 I was so amazed on how this mascara has so much volume . Honestly applies very good all i need is two coats and i'm done . I would recommend this Elf mascara to everyone . 

Monday, November 7, 2016


Hello everyone welcome to my very first blog post ! I will be sharing with you what i got from Influenster today , Grab Yourself some coffee or Snacks and enjoy . 

I wanted to share with you my FREE Influenster cozy vox box! Yes! I said FREE just click the photo above and it will take you to There websit Easy as that ; ) I just wanted to share with you what INFLUENSTER is it's a Company where you sign up and download the app and Review products you already have , or simply answer other people's qustions . When you stay active you get picked for there boxs ( Like the one in the photo ) you can check it in and post about it on you're socail accounts.
I love this company becaues it gives me the chance to REVIEW there Products on my youtube channel There isn't any hidden fees on asking for you're debit card too .I will be posting everything i got in this box below and how much it retails for . 

  1. Product One - Simple skincare cleaning facial wipes it comes with 25 wipes it's great for removing makeup off or you can store in the bathrrom or take them on the go . Retail Price is  $ 5.99 you can buy them from any drugstore near you . 

  2. Product two -  Daisy Squeeze sour cream , Country crock buttery spread I got two coupons to cash in at the store to try these two I am so excided to try them both out ! I love how the Sour cream is squeezable it just made makeing tacos so much easier . LOL  Retail price $2.79 14 oz  you can buy it at you're locail grocery store . Country crock butter in the Container is easy use for when the Holidays come around you just open it and put it on the table for easy access. Retail price $1.99 15 oz $ 3.12 45 oz and you can but it from any grocery store .

3 . Product three - Maybelline superstay 24 longwear lip color in 025 keep up the flame this lipstick is good to wear all day . Card say's it won't cake , flake , fade if you would love to see a review comment below and i will . Retail pice is $9.49 you can but it at any drugstore near you. 

4 . product four - Pilot's frixion clicker erasable pens in the color Blue and red i love theses pens and that i can use it to underline scriptures in my bible . Reatail price is $ 6.99 3 pk you can find them at Office depot . 

5 . I got a Ebates card in my box to use but i won't be useing it so i will tell you about that company . When you sign up for ebates you can shop online and get paid for it earn cash back on you're purchases and get paid ;) 

I hope you enjoyed my blog thank you so much for readying have a fantastic evening .