Saturday, March 18, 2017

Woodward park Mother daughter photoshoot

 Hello everyone i wanted to share my recent photoshoot i took of this amazing beautiful mother and daughter . I did a giveaway on my facebook like page Photographybyrenne so i can build my portfolio up . I had the honor of taking lilly prudente photos with her mother at woodward park in Fresno California ,  I am a self taught photographer who ones day hopes to open her own studio . Here are the photos i took of   lilly prudente  her mother thank you so much for readying my blog post .


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Go to makeup Products I use everyday

Hello everyone Good morning thank you for coming back to read my blog . Today i will be sharing my GO to makeup Products i use for my every day looks . 

Here is a photo of all the makeup Products i use every day . I have been Definitely been reaching for all of these Products  and been lving them as well. 

My favorite Moistuizer's I love to use is Klavuu cream i apply it under the eyes . It's supposed to help with baggy eyes and to make the skin feel soft . I did get it for free from it is a web site where it's free all you have to do is sign up and if you have 100 followers on Instgram or facebook you can Qualifie . 

My next Favorite Moistuizer is this Elf  Tone adjusting face primer you can buy it here Face primer i love this primer . I apply it right after i use my klavuu cream . I recommend this primer and it's only $6 so affordable and elf has amazing deals on there makeup .

The next three HD powders are my favorite Starting off with powder 1 on the left side . The name of it is called High definition powder in the color sheer . I love this powder you can use it to bake and i love the way the powder applies . Here is the link to where you can but you're own at
 High-Definition-Powder . Second Hd powder is good i apply it after i apply my Foundation the color is a little dark but i still use it becaues i got it for free . Here is the link you can buy it at HD powder
My last HD powder is way to light but it's ok i still use it i put it on before i apply my Foundation as well . 

My next go to Foundation is the Flawless finish foundation the covrage is amazing and it applys very smooth  You can oder fron here flawless-finish-foundation  . I love love my foundation brush it is super soft when i apply my foundation it glads smoothly . Brush was $ 6 dollars super affordable and the bristles on the brush never fall out and i love that about the brush . Here is a link to wear you can buy the selfie-ready-foundation-brush

My next two Contour palette's are lol I love the both of them . First one is beauty treats Contour palette . Colors in it are beautiful and really pigmented you can buy it here Beauty treats . My seconded palette is the elf Contour palette it comes witrh 3 colors and then the highlighter as well . Colors are very pigmented you can order your countor palette here contour-palette

I love my Mad for matte makeup palette the colors are very pigmented but you have to go back and get more of the color for it to show mad-for-matte-eyeshadow-palette-2 . Second thing i use is the elf pen eyeliner the tip is very pointed and i have it in the color black . My eyeliner pen didn't dry out i love it you can order you'res from here intense-ink-eyeliner  . Next one i am about to tell you about is the elf volume plumping mascara in the color black . Mascara does give you volume and it works amazing it does what it say's it's suppsed to do you can oder you'res from here volume-plumping-mascara  . My last one is the super stay 24 color lip stick from maybelline i will tell you right off the bat i hated it . I gave it one more try and found out i have been applying it wrong . Lol it did stzy 24 hours like it said . I haven been useing it non stop here is the link super-stay-24-lip-color

My last makeup prodcut is this elf face spray let me tell you this sprays crazy at you're face . lol I couldn't belive how it sprays word of advice DO NOT HOLD IT CLOSE TO YOUR FACE  i learned that out by the hard way . My sister gave it to me for free and i  am so blessed becaues i couldn't affored to buy any more makeup . I would Recommend this face spray here is the link so you can order it illuminating-mist--set?dept=setting-spray-powder

Thank you so much for readying my blog post on the makeup i reach for to use for my everyday makeup look. Comment below what makeup Products you use i would love to know . 

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Monday, February 20, 2017


Hello everyone i wanted to share with you this D.I.Y craft with you i got inspired by pinterest . Please if you do this D.I.Y tag me on social Media @rissarenne . 


The things you will need for this D.I.Y. is 

Glass Jar i got it from the .99 cent store 
Glue gun i got from my mom 
scissors and contraction paper  
Lighter and ribbon 
( I just decided not to use the ribbon )


You will need to cut out the Message you printed out and hot glue them to the jar 

Step 3 

Grab you're scissors and ruler and start drawing boxs so you can cute them out . I did make 100 love notes so i used 5 colors and for each of the colors i cut 20 of them to equally be 100 . 

Step 4 


You're constrution paper should look like this now write what every you're heart desires and be creative .

step 5 

After you write you're cute notes now fold the papers in half make sure you do thrm tinny do they fit in you're jar . 

Step 6 

This is what you're jar should look like after you fold and put all the colorful papers in the glass Jar . 

Thank you so much for reading my Super simple D.I.Y for my love . I know you're boyfrind's would love it . Please @ me if you do this i would love to see your craft . Thank you so much for reading comment below your fav craft you like to do . 

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Thank you Tione Rodney

I wanted to make a post and say a huge thank you to Tione Rodney for helping me build my blog site up and for coming on here and fixing it herself . Now i absolutely love it and i can't wait to start posting a lot more . Definitely go check her blog site out i love it and it has very good content on her page .

Friday, February 17, 2017


Hello everyone Good Evening I wanted to share with you why I am a stay at home mother . 

I choose to be a stay at home mom when  my daughter was born and I couldn't have made a better choice. I wanted to be able to watch my daughter grow up and to spend as much time with her as I can before she starts school. This fall she will be starting Preschool I cannot believe how fast she is growing up. I'm a proud mom who loves spending every waking moment with Bailee. I love cooking breakfast with her and watching movies together. We even have learning and play time during the day as well. I am so happy I'm a stay at home mom are any of you readers a full time stay at home Mom let me know in the comments. Thank you so much for reading my blog post good night.